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      英國PLINT TE54 小型牽引試驗機

      價    格:詢價

      產    地:英國更新時間:2019/10/18 9:47:56

      品    牌:Phoenix Tribology型    號:TE54

      狀    態:正常點擊量:1091



      聯 系 人:張工

      電     話:010-8811-5228/6879

      傳     真:010-88142618

      等     級: (第 11年)

      性     質:生產型,貿易型,


      Self-aligning Two Roller?

      In addition to the ball on disc arrangement, the TE 54 is also supplied with a self-aligning carrier to allow a 25 mm diameter by 8 mm wide roller to be mounted in place of the ball specimen, thus resulting in an 8 mm wide line contact. Thinner rollers can be manufactured in order to produce narrower line contacts.


      Ball Specimen Diameter: 25 mm
      Upper Disc Specimen Diameter: 25 mm
      Upper Disc Specimen Width: 8 mm
      Lower Disc Specimen Diameter: 50 mm
      Maximum Ball Speed: 4,000 rpm
      Maximum Ring Speed: 2,000 rpm
      Maximum Surface Speed: 5.24 m/s
      Maximum Load: 500 N
      Maximum Hertz Pressure (steel): 2.0 GPa
      Oil Bath Temperature: ambient to 150°C
      Heater Power: 250 W
      Temperature Sensor: k-type thermocouple
      Loading System: Servo controlled pneumatic bellows with force transducer feedback
      AC Vector Drive: Two 690PB 0.75 kW closed loop AC flux vector drives with common DC link
      Motors: Continuous Power: 0.25 kW @ 50 Hz @ 2,750 rpm (two pole)
      Intermittent Power: 0.50 kW @ 50 Hz for 30 seconds
      Torque:Speed: Continuous: 0.87/0.87/0.60 Nm @ 0/2,750/4,000 rpm
      Intermittent: 1.74/1.74/1.19 Nm @ 0/2,750/4,000 rpm
      Feedback: 2,048 ppr encoder
      Drive Ratios:
      Motor:Ball: 1:1
      Motor:Ring: 2:1
      Interface: SUPERSLIM Serial Link Interface Module
      Software: COMPEND 2000 Windows XP compatible sequence control and data acquisition software


      The TE 54 Mini Traction Machine brings together proven design elements from the long established TE 55 Two Roller Lubricity Test Machine and a scaled-down version of the common DC link AC vector drive system used on the TE 74 Two Roller Machines. The servo pneumatic loading system is taken straight from the TE 67 Pin on Disc/Reciprocating Pin on Plate Machine.