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      • CNP822111020_CNP822111220_CNP823111020溫控器OMEGA歐米茄



      更新時間:2019/7/30 7:43:26



      號: CNP822111020

      廠商性質: 貿易型,

      公司名稱: 上海茂培電子科技有限公司

      產品關鍵詞: CNP823111020   CNP822111220   CNP822111020   溫控器   omega  


      范先生 : (15221105376) (15221105376)








      提供1/16和1/8 DIN格式




      歐米茄CNP系列溫度控制器具有塑料擠出機特有的設置,是擠出機精確溫度控制的經濟解決方案。減少僅用于加熱、加熱/冷卻控制和指示器的單個設備的庫存。快速配置和默認參數以適合所選模式。控制器具有兩種封裝尺寸和多種輸出配置,適用于雙螺桿和單螺桿擠出機,既適用于熱模和適配器區,也適用于桶區的熱/冷。控制器也可以僅在指示器模式下使用,允許一個儀器用于所有應用。Omega CNP系列控制器具有三個默認的指示器、加熱和加熱/冷卻模式參數設置,為工業塑料擠出機的控制提供了終極的靈活性。


      Simple to Operate, Preconfigured for Extrusion Applications

      Universal Input

      Selectable Controller or Indicator Modes

      Heat Only or Heat Cool Control Type

      Process and Loop Alarms

      Available in 1?16 and 1?8 DIN Formats

      Modbus? RS485 Communications

      Ramping Setpoint

      UL and cUL Approved

      With plastic extruder specific settings, the OMEGA CNP Series temperature controllers are an economic solution to precision temperature control of extruders. Reduce inventory—single device for heat only, heat/cool control and indicator. Fast configuration and and default parameters to fit the selected mode. With two package sizes and multiple output configurations,the controllers are suitable for twin and single screw extruders, both for heat only die and adapter zones, and heat/cool for barrel zones. The controllers can also be used in an indicator only mode, allowing one instrument to be used for all applications. With three default parameter settings for indicator, heat and heat/cool modes, the Omega CNP Series controllers offers the ultimate in flexibility for the control of industrial plastic extruders. 


      Device Modes: PID controller or indicator

      Control Types: Full PID with pre-tune, self-tune, manual tuning, or on-off control; heat only or heat/cool

      Sensor Input: Universal input for use with thermocouples, PT100 RTDs, and sensors with linear DC current and voltage outputs

      Auto/Manual Selectable: From front panel with bumpless transfer

      Control: Enable control ON/OFF selectable from front keypad

      Output Configurations: Up to 3 possible outputs for control and alarm(s)

      Alarm 1 and 2 Types: Process high, process low, SP deviation, band, logical or/and; also 1 loop alarm for process control security; process alarms have adjustable hysteresis

      Human Interface: 4 button operation, 4 digit 10 mm red upper and 8 mm green lower LED display plus 5 LED indicators

      Inputs Supported: Thermocouple J, K, C, R, S, T, B, L, N and PtRh 20% vs PtRh 40%

      RTD 3 Wire PT100: 50Ω per lead maximum (balanced)

      DC Linear: 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 50 mV, 10 to 50 mV, 0 to 5 V, 1 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V, 2 to 10 V; scalable -1999 to 9999, with adjustable decimal point

      Impedance: >10Ω for thermocouple and mV ranges, 47Ω for V ranges and 5Ω for mA ranges

      Accuracy: ±0.1% of input range ±1 LSD (T/C CJC better than 1°C)

      Sampling: 4 per second, 14 bit resolution approximately

      Sensor Break Detection: <2 seconds (except zero based DC ranges), control O/P’s turn off, high alarms activate for T/C and mV ranges, low alarms activate for RTD, mA or V ranges

      Outputs and Operations

      Control and Alarm Relays: Contacts SPDT 2 amp resistive at 240 Vac, >500,000 operations

      Control SSR Driver Outputs: >10 Vdc in 500 minimum drive capability

      Triac Outputs: 0.01 to 1 amp AC, 20 to 280 Vrms, 47 to 63 Hz

      Communications: 2-wire RS485, 1200 to 19,200 Baud, Modbus

      Operating and Environmental

      Temperature and RH: 0 to 55°C (-20 to 80°C storage) [32 to 131°F (-4 to 176°F)], 20 to 95% RH non-condensing

      Power Supply: 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 7.5 VA, 20 to 48 Vac 7.5 VA/22 to 65 Vdc, 5W

      Front Panel Protection: IEC IP66 (behind panel protection is IP20)

      Standards: CE, UL and ULC recognized

      Front Bezel Dimensions:

      1/16 DIN: 48 x 48 mm (1.89 X 1.89")

      1/8 DIN: 96 x 48 mm (3.78 X 1.89")

      Depth Behind Panel:

      1/16 DIN: 110 mm (4.33")

      1/8 DIN: 100 mm (3.93")

      Weight: 0.21 kg (7.4 oz)