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      熱門詞:生物顯微鏡 水質分析儀 微波消解 熒光定量PCR 電化學工作站 生物安全柜

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      號: FMA-1605A-I

      廠商性質: 貿易型,

      公司名稱: 上海茂培電子科技有限公司

      產品關鍵詞: FMA-1606A   FMA-1605A-I   FMA-1606A-B   omega   流量計  


      范先生 : (15221105376) (15221105376)



      "FMA-1600A系列質量與體積 流量計在層流場中 使用差壓原理 來檢測質量 流量。流量計中的 層流元件(LFD)迫使氣體 進入層流狀態 (經過整流處理)。 按照泊肅葉方程, 在這一區域體 積流量與 沿LFE的固定距離的 壓降呈線性 關系。 同時 結合氣體的 粘度準確判定 體積流量。 引入單獨的 絕對溫度和 壓力傳感器,并根據一系列 標準條件 修正氣體流量。 這種 標準化流量通常稱為 質量流量,使用 標準立方英尺/分鐘(SCFM)或 標準升/分鐘(SLM)等 單位表示。

      標準設備包括0 ~ 5 V 輸出(可選4~20 mA)和 RS232通信。 可從前端鍵盤或RS232 通信調整 氣體 選擇功能。 體積流量、 質量流量、或絕對壓力以及 溫度均可通過RS232連接 查看或記錄。 在距離為125’ 的同一串口連接上,同時最多可與26臺設備進行多點通信。 以上流量計 還提供便攜式版本, 以便在野外使用(-B型號)


      SCCM ranges from 0 to 0.5 and up to 0 to 3000 SLM

      <10ms Response Time-Field Adjustable

      130 + Gas Calibrations with Every Unit: Air, Ar, CH4, CO, CO2, H2, He, N2, N2O, Ne, O2, propane, butane, acetylene, ethylene, etc.

      Display pressure, temperature, volume and mass flow at the same time

      No preheating time required

      Including NIST 5 Point Certificate

      No need to lay straight pipes

      Communication with Analog and RS232

      200:1 regulation ratio

      Portable Battery Power Supply Device (Model-B)

      "FMA-1600A series mass and volume flowmeters use differential pressure principle to detect mass flow in laminar flow field. The laminar flow element (LFD) in the flowmeter forces the gas to enter the laminar flow state (after rectification). According to Poiseuille equation, the volume flow rate in this region is linearly related to the pressure drop along the fixed distance of LFE. At the same time, the volume flow rate can be accurately determined according to the gas viscosity. A separate absolute temperature and pressure sensor is introduced, and the gas flow rate is corrected according to a series of standard conditions. This standardized flow is usually referred to as mass flow, expressed in units such as standard cubic foot/minute (SCFM) or standard liter/minute (SLM).

      Standard equipment includes 0 ~ 5V output (optional 4 ~ 20 mA) and RS232 communication. Gas selection function can be adjusted from front-end keyboard or RS232 communication. Volume flow, mass flow, or absolute pressure and temperature can be viewed or recorded through RS232 connection. At the same serial port with a distance of 125', it can communicate with 26 devices at most. The above flowmeter also provides a portable version for field use (-B model)